New York City animal laws - Incorrect information!
It has come to my attention that ,because of miss information about the current New York City animal laws on some potbellied pig web sites , there have been potbellied pigs put in jeopardy. Make a note that the potbellied pig is NOT and NEVER has been legal to have in New York City. I am working directly with a New York Senator right now to change that law,but in the mean time do not sale or adopt any potbellied pigs to someone residing within the NY City limits.

Dear Clients,

I always try to make a difference every day of my life to pet pigs everywhere because of who I am  and what I believe.

Fortunately I never had to fight to keep any of my pigs. My pigs were
always safe and I started doing this work because I didn’t want someone
to come to my door and tell me I had to get rid of my girls because
there was some old law on the books that said so.

It has taken many years to gather all the information on this
web site and in my zoning work book to help fight this ongoing battle .
I have put in  many hours learning how to fight to win each and every
case, because they are all different in some way ? Not
all cases can be won no matter what proof you present. If the city does
not want a pig in town then no matter what happens there will not be a
pig in their town.

I have and still am perusing contacts in the law community to find
pro bono help for clients that have no means to pay if they do need an
attorney. I am now working with a wonderful law professor from CT to try
and  get new law students involved in animal laws to help our pigs.

I work with attorneys all the time, because I am the only
one out there that does what I do and knows what I know about strategies
on how to fight animal zoning laws.

I have donated my life to animal assisted therapy work with my
first pig Reggie who was honored to be in Life Magazines Hero Edition in
May of 1997 for all the therapy work we did. Reggie and I were Good
Will Ambassadors for the pet potbellied pig every day of our lives

So I not only fought the fight I lived the life. We appeared at many
zoning hearings and even organized the first and only Potbellied Pig
protest at a court house in Shelton, CT. We proved everywhere we went
what a good pet  Potbellied Pigs were for those of us that chose to love
a pig.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rebecca DiNolfi

International Zoning Consultant

Thank You.