PPZpacketThis zoning book is comprised of 88 pages filled with things that you
will need to fight your case and win.

This book has taken me 10 long years of working with different types of
zoning cases to find what are the most important tools to help a person
win against the powers that be.

It is my contention that the zoning fights that are happening all over is
one of the very worse things that can happen to any family that has
chosen this amazingly spiritual , intelligent animal as a companion to
share our lives with. Please use it as a tool to guide you to a WIN.


Included in the book are many comprehensive things:

  • 9 different chapters , in order of their importance to your
  • Outline to help you prepare your presentation in the best
    possible way.
  • Pictures of Farm hogs and
    potbellied pigs for comparison
  • Proclamations from 3 different
    states at the end.
  • And more…..

All in all this is the very best tool out there today to help with zoning

$25.00 + $5.00 Shipping and handling

Enjoy your book and use it wisely.

I ask one thing , if and when you do win your case, please pass the
information on to me so that it can be used to help others, just like
this information is being used to help you.

We are all in this fight together ,and we never know when it will be our
very own pet potbellied pig that is the next one to be in fight of their

You can contact me with any questions.

Email: Rebecca DiNolfi

Phone: 570-842-8118